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Common Questions:

What are the admissions standards?

Camden Hills Regional High School only accepts international students between the ages of 14-18 who are in good standing in their home schools. We expect international students to be able to attend and succeed in regular classes that are all taught in English. International students need to be in good physical and mental health. We are only able to accept international students who do not have significant learning dificulties. All international students must participate in a personal interview with the Intercultural Coordinator via SKYPE. 

What is the tuition?

The tuition for a full school year is $24,000, and can be pro-rated for one semester or one trimester. Please note that tuition cost is subject to change on a yearly basis. 

What does the tuition cover?

The tuition covers all classes, ESL support services, the use of a school issued iPad, participation in all clubs, organizations and sports. 

Can I attend for just a semester?

Yes, international students can attend our school for one semester. The cost is half the tuition.

Can I attend your school for more than one year?

Unfortunately, the United States Government does not allow international students to attend public high schools for more than one year. Therefore, if you come to our school you have to either transfer to a private school in the United States or return to your home country. All the international students who have attended our school for a year of study have been accepted at private schools. Our Intercultural Program Coordinator will work with the student and their family on private school placement if desired.

Where do international students live?

All of our international students live with American families. We do not have dorms. Living with an American family provides our international students with safe and supportive environments. Basically, international students are treated as just another member of the family. All host families are vetted through an application process that includes a criminal background check, fingerprinting, and approval by the high school administration to ensure the students' safety.

What is the Host Family Fee and what does it cover?

The host family fee is $800/month or $8,000 for a 10 month school year. The fee is paid by the international student’s parent(s) directly to the host family. Payments can be paid by semester or on a monthly basis. The host family fee covers room and board; travel to and from school; and basic household necessities. International students do need personal spending money for clothes and other personal items.  

How do I apply?

To apply, click on International Student Application. Complete the application and email to [email protected].


What happens if I am accepted?

Getting accepted is only the first step in the process.  Once an international student is accepted the student will be sent additional information that clarifies what additional paperwork needs to be completed and what they need to do to obtain a F-1 Visa.