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Senior Picture Time!

Welcome to your Senior year! It’s time to talk about Senior pictures for the yearbook. 

In the past we have asked Seniors for their Senior picture and a baby picture, but, like all things, that is changing this year too. Because of missed activities like Spring sports from last year, we have more pages to give to Senior pictures. 

So this year each Senior will have 1/3rd of a page for pictures and text. 

Some samples:

The Guidelines:

  1. You must have a Senior picture and label it as such so we know.

  2. You may have multiple pictures of your choosing. Bear in mind that the more pictures you have the smaller they will be in your allotted space.

  3. You may have only your Senior picture and the rest as text if you so choose. 

  4. ALL IMAGES MUST BE AT LEAST 1MB AND SAVED AS A .JPEG. Anything smaller than that will not work in our software.

  5. Your pictures/text will not be published if they contain references to drugs or alcohol, weapons, or dead animals.

  6. This is not space for a Senior Ad. 

All submissions are due by November 13th.

Submissions should include:

  1. A photo labeled as Senior Photo

  2. Any other photos you want included

  3. The text for your Senior Memory (this can be a quote or something original  - please check spelling and grammar before submitting - it will be printed as you wrote it. Consider that the more pictures you submit the less room you have for text.)

  4. And, again, all images must be at least 1MB .jpeg. 

Submit them to

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Munson at

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