1.   Introduction to Innovation Engineering is a dual enrollment course with UMaine open to any CHRHS student. This course offers an overview of the innovation process and will lay the foundation for students who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. Full year. Begins in 2019-20.

2.   Design Thinking. The intent of this course is to further build the tools for students interested in entrepreneurship of any kind. Begins 2020-21.

3.   Solutions Lab. This course will enable students to dive deeply into coming up with a solution to a problem of their choosing. The result could be a new business venture, a prototype that could be replicated and manufactured, or a beta version of a new technology. This will be an Independent Study course and students will get departmental credit based on their project. Begins 2020-21.

4.   Studio Lab will be run entirely in the Makerspace and will take students through a series of “innovation studios” to learn the process of innovation exclusively through hands-on learning. This is based on the NuVu school studio model.

5.   Regular Curriculum Integration is the true measure of our success. We would like to see at least 25% of our teachers integrating innovation/design thinking into their regular curriculum, working alongside our NuVu Fellow or Makerspace coordinator by the end of 2024.

6.   Mini Courses: In addition to offering mini courses (ranging from 30 minutes to 5 hours) in-house, the Hatchery will partner with local entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations to offer a mini-courses that could be open to both students and the public. Examples include: How to Market your Innovative Idea or 3-D Printer Basics.