For International Schools

Camden Hills Regional High School is located in Rockport, Maine, USA.  In fulfillment of our school's mission, which is to prepare students for global citizenry, we have developed a comprehensive international student program. One aspect of our program is the formation of partnerships in the form of student exchanges with schools across the globe. 

The success of our existing partnerships is due to the fact that our exchange programs are home stay based, which means our students live with host families during their visits. In turn, exchange students from our partner schools live with families in our community. Since no student or chaperone has to pay room or board, the cost of visiting another country is greatly reduced. 

To date, we have had short-term (12-15 day) exchange programs in the following countries:

Amberg, Bavaria

Las Palmas, Spain

Kamuela, Hawaii

Genoa, Italy

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Helsinki, Finland

Pembroke, Malta

Auckland, New Zealand

Thessaloniki, Greece

Segré, France

New upcoming exchanges include Morocco and Australia in the summer of 2020.

Our goal is to continue seeking affordable and exciting exchange programs across the US and the globe. To learn more about our exchange programs, please contact the Intercultural Program Coordinator.

[email protected], EXT 3328


Rationale for Our Exchange Programs:

The best way for our students and staff members to fulfill part of our mission which is “to graduate students who can succeed in a complex and diverse global world” is to gain first hand experiences in overseas communities. In addition, the best way for students and adults from other countries to know what America and Americans are really like is to experience life in an American school and live with an American family.

Essential Question:

Why do we want to have exchange programs?


To be direct, giving our staff and students opportunities to spend two to three weeks immersed in another culture or region outside of the United States will enrich their lives. It will give them an opportunity to understand the cultures, historical significances, climatic differences, geological features, and people in areas totally unfamiliar to them.


What We Could Offer Your Students and Staff:

For starters, mid-coast Maine is one of the most beautiful places in America. Nestled along the Penobscot Bay, we are a vibrant community with a rich sailing, fishing and tourism history.  We are also located near many liberal arts colleges and are within a couple of hours of Boston.  Not only could we show your students what New England is like, we would arrange for your students to visit Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin as well as take them to Boston where they could visit any number of top rated schools including Harvard, MIT, Boston College, Boston University, Tufts, and Northeastern.

What Would an Exchange Program Look Like?

The main idea is for each group to see and experience life in other countries. Students and staff stay with host families. During the week, students will shadow their hosts during and after school. On the weekends the host families or the schools will provide individual activities for their guests.

At school, the guests will be shadowing their hosts during the school day as long as it makes sense. They will attend classes with their hosts and have opportunities to visit other classes of interest.

After school each student will follow their host, participating in after school activities when practical. Activities could include sports, going to the local swimming pool, seeing a movie, or simply visiting friends.

Each school will offer some trips to neighboring towns or cultural attractions so visitors can see places other than the towns they are staying. Sightseeing could include museums, town halls, universities, and historical places. The host schools would be responsible for organizing and paying for these trips.

How Long Would the Exchange Be?

The average length of an exchange is approximately 15 days. Depending on the time of year, an exchange could be longer, but with the distances involved 15 days is the minimum.

Number of Students and Staff:

Between 10 & 20 students and 2-3 staff members (We have a policy that requires us to send 1 chaperone for every 8 students).


The primary cost to students is airfare and personal spending. Other than airfare and personal spending, there are no other costs. Lodging, meals, trips, and activities are paid by the host school. We estimate the cost for 15 days would be about $2,000-$2,500 (which is mostly airfare).

Local Transportation:

CHRHS will provide ground transportation for the visiting school to and from Portland, Maine and Camden, Maine. If the group arrives at another airport other than the one in Portland, Maine they will be responsible for arranging and paying for ground transportation to and from the point of entry and Camden, Maine. In turn the school that hosts CHRHS students would provide ground transportation for the CHRHS students and staff to and from their point of entry and the school.

Lodging and Meals:

Students and staff from both schools will be provided complimentary room and board during their 15 day visits. Visitors to CHRHS will be placed with host families. CHRHS students could be placed with host families or in school dorms, if available. 

Exchange Itinerary:

Each host school will develop a 15 day itinerary for their guests. For the most part, students will be shadowing their hosts during the school day, and after school. The hosts will also provide other cultural and historical activities at no or little cost to their guests. 

Host Families:

Host families in both countries will be vetted through each school and background checks for adult household members will be conducted to ensure the safety of their host students.

Where Can You Learn More About Us?

To learn more about us, I encourage you to visit our website