Cultural Trips

In addition to our various school-to-school exchange partnerships, CHRHS offers cultural and service learning trips that are designed to allow students to explore a historically and culturally significant area with a structured itinerary. For the most part, these school sanctioned trips are developed by individual teachers who want to take students to different parts of the United States or to locations throughout the world, but are typically associated with a commercial tour company such as EF Tours. Many of these trips are oriented toward Service Learning.

Upcoming Cultural Trips for 2018-2019: 

Colorado Service Learning Trip Through Deer Hill Expeditions: Mr. Russell Kahn, Trip Coordinator,

April, 2019 (now full)


How Long is a Cultural Trip?

A cultural trip typically last about nine days. Travel is restricted to school vacations and one or two school days before or after a vacation. The Five Town School Board must approve any trip in order for students and staff to be given release time.

What Does a Typical Trip Cost?

A cultural trip can range anywhere from $3,000 to $4,500. The cost varies according to the location, dates of the trip, and at times the number of students on the trip. Most trip leaders use commercial tour companies to arrange all flights, accommodation, and travel expenses.

Where do Students Typically Go? 

Locations will vary from year to year. In recent years Cultural Trips have gone to Cuba, Vietnam, Greece, and the Galapagos Islands.

Is Financial Aid Available? 

Yes, it is the explicit intent of the Five Town School Board and administration, to provide financial assistance to students who are considered economically disadvantaged. To qualify, a student must be on the Federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program. Our goal is to provide at least one full scholarship for every trip. Funding is dependent on a number of factors. Students are encouraged to sign up for trips even before they know if funding is available. If there is no funding, or they are not chosen for a scholarship, they are not financially committed and can withdraw from the trip.

Who is Eligible to Go on a Cultural Trip?

For the most part, all CHRHS students are eligible to participate on a cultural trip. 

How Do I Find Out What Trips are Approved Each Year?

All trips are announced to students during school. Parents are informed by email, our automated phone system, and the school newsletter. In addition, each fall there is an Intercultural Programming Information Night at the high school.

Who Chaperones Cultural Trips?

The lead chaperone for any school sanctioned trip must be a CSD employee. If more than one chaperone is needed, preference is give to CSD employees. At times, non school employees who are approved by the high school administration may serve as chaperones. By School Board Policy, there must be one chaperone for every eight students. Great effort is made to have at least one male and one female chaperone on every trip. Some tour companies may require a lower teacher to student ratio.

Who Pays for the Trips?

Parents are responsible for the entire cost of a cultural trip. Trips are usually approved by the School Board a year in advance. That gives parents time to set aside money and students time to earn money they can put toward a trip.  

Are there Fundraising Opportunities?

Yes, in fact, fundraising is required for all trips. The lead chaperone is responsible for spearheading fundraising, but typically parents organize fundraising activities.