CHRHS Mission

Mission Statement

A learning community that fosters intellectual and creative excellence while building strong character.

Core Values - PRIDE

Personal responsibility: Owning the consequences of one’s actions.
Respect: Recognizing and valuing diversity of ideas, people and our environment.
Integrity: Having moral courage and making ethical decisions.
Drive: Pursuing personal excellence with perseverance.
Empathy: Feeling and showing compassion for others.

Commitment to Students

  • We will strive to provide the highest quality education possible in order to prepare you to set and reach your goals.
  • We will recognize and cultivate each individual’s passions, aspirations, and sense of joy.
  • We will provide the culture and resources to grow your mind, body, and heart.
  • We will challenge and expand your limits of thought, tolerance, and performance.
  • We will inspire and enable you to create a positive impact on your community.