Tech Needs

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Please complete this form and submit at least two weeks prior to your event.  Indicate a diagram of  your stage setup on page 2.

Event ___________________ Name of Organization____________________________      Contact person __________________ Phone # _________  E-mail_________________               

Space needs:                

____Closed curtain  (No use of the stage behind the main curtain)

____Entire stage (indicate setup on page 2)          

____Black Box (green room)

____Dressing room(s)

____Box  office

____Orchestra pit  (Set up/break down fees of approximately $300 will apply)

For other spaces (cafeteria, band room, chorus room etc) contact facilities coordinator 236-7800 ext #3263

Equipment needs:

Microphone(s) - Indicate number and types below  


                     _____Wireless handheld 

                      _____Wireless lavalier        

____ CD player                               

____ Cassette player

____ Monitor speakers _____ Number needed

____ Movie screen NOTE:  The use of the items below needs to be coordinated well in advance with the CHRHS music department.  It is possible that some equipment may be in use by the school on the requested dates.

_____Piano   _____   $25 upright    _____     $50 baby grand

Note: Our pianos are tuned periodically but we can’t guarantee how recently.   You can make your own arrangements for tuning or use our tuner, but the scheduling of  any tuning needs to be coordinated with us in advance.  Any tuning is done at your expense)

_____Platform Risers  (indicate number and heights on attached stage diagram.  Risers are 4’ x 8’ and come in heights of 8”, 16”, and 24”)                

_____Choral Risers   _____   Number of sections (6 available each riser holds approx 15 adults)

_____Podium               _____Speaking                      _____Conducting              

_____Music stands             _____   Number                                                                   

_____Chairs    _____   Number (indicate approximate location on attached diagram)                   

_____Acoustical shell  (indicate approximate location on attached diagram)

_____Percussion equipment (coordinated through CHRHS music department - attach list  of       requested items.  Availability must be approved in advance.- Rental fees apply.

_____Additional requests (please specify):

Required services:

NOTE: The rate for Strom Auditorium tech staff is $12/hr.  The rate for Auditorium/House Manager is $45/hr.  These charges will be added to your total bill.  Fees are charged for setup and breakdown time as well as the performance.