The Hatchery Makerspace – If you need tools and materials to solve a problem, this is the space to do that. The Makerspace will have a 3D printer, Laser Cutter, woodworking, welding, and other capabilities, as well as a vast array of materials. Students can access the makerspace through a class or simply on their own. Teachers can use the makerspace with classes to redefine student products to demonstrate learning. Within the makerspace, one of our students may make a prototype for the next aquaculture harvesting system, a new book form, or new way to remotely remove snow from Maine walkways. This opened in September, 2019.


The Hatchery Incubator – We plan to renovate the Lecture Hall to create the central hub of The Hatchery – the Incubator. The space will include a classroom space as well as creativity lounge for students, teachers, and the community to gather, get comfortable, think creatively together, and spur the next generation of new ideas. There will be writable walls and spaces for collaboration and inspiration. This space might ignite a new app like Uber to help get Camden Hills students home after extra-curricular activities, a totally new structure for student voice at Camden Hills, or a better way to address the Opioid crisis in Maine. We plan to open this by September, 2021.