Program Description: 

Zenith is the alternative program for grades 10-12. We are located off site at Rose Hall in Camden. Our student body is composed of diverse learners and many of them have had difficulty learning and attending in a traditional setting. Zenithians earn a Camden Hills Regional High School diploma and meet the same credit requirements. Learning at Zenith encompasses three areas: academic, interpersonal and intrapersonal learning. Our curriculum is structured in eight-week academic units. students attend one course for approximately eight weeks. Upon completion, students earn a credit. They then move on to their next academic unit. The process repeats for five units through the school year. Students have the option of a full or half day schedule.

Process for Admission:

All students who attend Zenith are there by choice.  Admission is dependent on the availability of slots and the commitment of the student to create change for themselves. Administrators, counselors, students, parents, and teachers can all refer someone to the program. After the referral has been made, the application process begins. The steps in the process are:

  1. Initial interview in the counseling office with Zenith Coordinator and the potential Zenithian.
  2. Completion of task*
  3. Final interview at Zenith with the Zenith staff
  4. A timely decision will be made and the applicant will be informed. 

*if the task is not completed, the student will not continue the application process

Students will reapply to Zenith for each school year they attend.

Zenith Transportation/Food:

If you take the bus to school, please let your bus driver know that you attend Zenith. They will drop you off close to Zenith, which is still located at Rose Hall on Knowlton Street in Camden.

  • School starts at 8:10. Please be on time and prepared. Tardiness and absences will negatively impact your place at Zenith. ATTENDANCE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FIRST STEP.
  • Breakfast is served at Zenith. Students have a choice of a variety of breakfast items. Payment for breakfast is made directly to the Wave Café.
  • Busses will be provided for students who attend Zenith on a half-day schedule. The bus will leave Zenith at 10:40 and go to the high school. Students who attend Midcoast can eat lunch at the high school and catch the bus to Midcoast Technical Center.
  • Full time Zenith students will eat lunch from 11:00-11:45.  Lunch is provided at Zenith. We have a daily, hot meal from the Wave Café. Payment for lunch is made directly to the Wave Café.

Individual teachers will inform you of what school supplies you will need for the class.