Gifted & Talented in the Arts

Seeking Referrals for the CHRHS Gifted and Talented Program in the Arts

Complete the process (explained below) and submit all materials, including a portfolio, by October 15, 2023 for the Fall Screening and again April 15th for Spring 2024 screening.

The Gifted and Talented Arts program at CHRHS offers students opportunities for enrichment and advanced study in the Visual and Performing Arts in ways that go beyond CHRHS class offerings. G/T Arts opportunities are available to students who have been identified as Gifted or Talented in the Visual or Performing Arts, and, as space permits, to students who may not be identified, but who demonstrate exceptional accomplishment, interest, or aptitude for the Arts.

The GT Arts program encompasses the following types of offerings: Extended Studio Workshops, Enrichment Outings, and Independent Study in Visual/Performing Arts. The specific offerings for a given year are determined based upon the needs of identified students, the availability of community artists, and the opportunities for Enrichment Outings that may be available. Students who are identified as Gifted/Talented in the Visual and Performing Arts are eligible to participate in these opportunities. Other students who are not identified as Gifted and Talented, but who are interested in the Visual and Performing Arts, may also participate in these opportunities as space permits.

Extended Studio Workshops:  These are typically day-long workshops offered during the school day, in which area artists (this terms encompasses both visual and performing artists) come to the school and offer a specialized workshop. The goal of the workshops is twofold: first, to expose children to arts experiences that are not typically part of our regular school programming; and second, to connect gifted students with adults who have meaningfully integrated the arts into their lives, perhaps (but not necessarily) professionally. Because children who are gifted and talented in the arts may have questions about how the arts will fit into their lives as they mature, these adult connections are intended to address the child's need to expand and grow as an artist as a part of their social and emotional needs.

Enrichment Outings: These are special cultural outings that are offered throughout the year to expose students to high-caliber arts opportunities that are not available in school. Examples of enrichment outings include artist studio tours, museum visits, and theatrical or musical performances. The scheduling of these opportunities will vary depending upon the nature of offerings that are available within a reasonable distance from CHRHS. They may occur during the school day or outside of the school day.

Independent Study in Visual/Performing Arts:  Linked to the coordinated Independent Study/Directed Study Program opportunities already in place at CHRHS, these Independent Studies in Horizons Arts VPA provide the most flexible format for identified students to advance their technical and process skills over the course of one semester. Direction is provided and support available to make the Study a successful turning point in the development of student talents. Here is the link to the Independent Study application: Independent Study Application.

Enrichment Opportunities for 2023-2024 will likely feature virtual Arts Masterclasses with area artists.

GT Arts Identification Process

Step 1: Fill out Referral Form—Need at least 2 different types from the list at the bottom of this webpage:

The identification process begins with a referral of the student for screening, using at least TWO of the following referral instruments: 

* Teacher Referral Form (either for Visual or Performance Arts)


* Student Self-Referral Form


* Parent Referral Form


* Community Member Referral Form

Although only one of these forms is necessary to begin the referral process, at least TWO of the four must be completed for identification to be possible. All forms may be submitted through this webpage by using the links provided at the top; however, the identification committee only meets at certain times of the year. Therefore, regardless of when a referral form is submitted to begin the process, the process will not be complete until the next meeting of the identification committee.Typically the committee meets near the end of each semester to identify students for the upcoming semester. Once identified, a student retains that identification as long as he/she remains at CHRHS-- the process does not need to be repeated each semester.

Step 2: Submission of Evidence (Live Performance Demonstration or Visual Arts Portfolio)

Each student must submit evidence of his/her ability in VPA through a Live Performance Demonstration or a Visual Arts Portfolio, as appropriate. Visual Arts Portfolios must be submitted to the Horizons Program Coordinator, who will then forward them to the identification committee for consideration. Live Performance Demonstrations are typically recordings of a live performance, rather than actually performed live before the committee. The important thing is that the recording be unedited and that it be of adequate quality to provide a clear sense of the student's work.

How to submit the Visual Arts Portfolio or Live Performance Demonstration:

The preferred method is electronic. For Live Performance Demonstrations, the easiest method is to upload a video of the performance to Youtube, and then email a link to the Horizons Program Coordinator. If this is not possible, the performance will need to be forwarded on a flash drive or some other feasible method. For the Visual Arts Portfolio, a collection of photographs organized into a slideshow may be emailed to the Horizons Program Coordinator. For portfolios which truly cannot be captured adequately in photographs, the actual pieces of art may by submitted physically to the Horizons Program Coordinator.

The Horizons Program Coordinator will keep these on file and share them with the identification committee at the appropriate time. All materials will be kept confidential. 

Step 3: Review by the identification committee

 Student submissions will be reviewed by an identification committee of qualified educators in accordance with state law. For a student to be eligible for identification, at least 3 pieces of evidence must be reviewed:

  •  At least TWO of the four referral forms listed above (self, teacher, and/or parent/community member)
  •  A Visual Arts Portfolio (must contain at least 5 pieces of art work) OR a Live Performance Demonstration

Referral Forms for Horizons Arts Program

Link to Student Self-Referral-- Visual Arts.

Link to Student Self-Referral-- Performing Arts.

Link to Parent/Guardian Referral-- Visual Arts.

Link to Parent/Guardian Referral-- Performing Arts.

Link to Teacher Referral-- Visual Arts.

Link to Teacher Referral-- Performing Arts.

Link to Community Member Referral- Visual Arts.

Link to Community Member Referral-- Performing Arts.