Dual Enrollment

Camden Hills’ students can take college courses while they are in high school, simultaneously earning both high school credits and college credits – called Dual Enrollment. Many online courses are available to high school students. Benefits of dual enrollment include: reducing the cost and debt load (and time) of college by earning credits ahead of time, providing more flexibility in an individual students’ schedule, experiencing the rigor of college academics, and taking a course that may not be offered at CHRHS.

The Maine Department of Education has a program called Aspirations that supports Maine public school students to take up to 12 credits per year (4 regular courses) at any University of Maine System Campus or Maine Public Community College. The Department of Education does allow qualified 9th and 10th graders to access the Early College Program (Aspirations DOE funding.) Maine’s Public Universities will follow DOE guidelines, but priority is given to juniors and seniors. Students can view courses and set up an account at ExplorEC. For more information about the Aspirations program, such as eligibility requirements and FAQ’s, check here or see the Counseling Department.

Students are eligible to enroll in additional credits/year beyond the DOE tuition-free limit of 12 credits/year at their own expense at a special Early College rate of $138.25/credit.

In addition, CHRHS students are allowed to take other courses at their own expense outside of Maine’s Public Universities. Although most CHRHS students take dual enrollment courses through Maine’s Public University System, tuition free, any accredited college course would be applicable as long as it is cleared with the guidance department as part of a student's high school course load. To find out more, please see the Counseling Department.