Fine Arts

Fine Arts Endorsement

Blaze your trail

Academic Rigor: 5 credits in VPA

Must maintain a grade of 85 or higher

Course Examples:

  • Band 

  • Chorus

  • Theater

  • All Visual Arts classes

  • Approved dual-enrollment courses

  • Other courses with approval

Service to Profession: 60 hours of extended learning opportunities (ELO)


  • Fall Musical

  • One Acts

  • Spring Play

  • Heritage Festival

  • Pep Band

  • Pit Band

  • Art Club

  • G/T Arts 

  • Other approved activities

For support with ELOs, contact Jude Masseur ([email protected])

Aspirations: Same for all endorsements (choose one)

  • Interview at least two professionals whose careers are of interest to you

  • Present at CHills assembly

  • Present to a community audience

Please fill out the intent to complete endorsement form.   

Please document Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs) on the “ELO Student Tracking Form

Contact Sara Cole-Pardun ([email protected]) for more information.