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Click here for a quick reference document created for students with some of the FAQs about technology platforms and processes at CHRHS.


What is Schoology?

Schoology is the virtual learning platform that CHRHS teachers use to post assignments, online resources for classwork and homework, provide students with feedback, and more. Schoology is also used to send informative school communications to students regarding events, programs, class elections, and more. Parents/Guardians may access Schoology to view these courses and groups as your child does.

Schoology Tour for Parents

Set Up Parent Access to Schoology


Set Up Your Parent Access Account

If you created a Schoology account last year, that account will still work this year.
If you need to create a new account, you will need your Schoology Parent Access Code, which you received in an email.

Navigate to
Click on Register inside the blue banner
Select Parent
Paste the access code into the box.
Create an account with your preferred email and password.
Once you are inside Schoology:
YOUR name will appear in the upper right.
Use the drop down arrow to select your CHILD'S name.
At the top left, you'll see the word COURSES, use the dropdown to choose which class to look at.
Next to COURSES is the word GROUPS, which will let you see groups your child is in.

To add a second child, you'll want to be in your Schoology account to add him/her. It's outlined in this help doc with a picture.
You'll be prompted to enter your second child's access code.

Help Your Child Log Into Schoology:

Your child has two ways to access Schoology.

Using a web browser, your child needs to navigate to Then they will be prompted to enter their school email and password.

On the Schoology App: 



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