The mathematics department consists of eight full time math teachers: Barrett Burns, William (BJ) Burns, Lora Levenseler (department head), Meredith Messer, Rowena Motylewski, Karen Orhon, Charlie Simkin, and Trevor Vadas.  Together they work closely to ensure students receive a seamless education in the mathematical concepts the Maine DOE has asked us to follow. The math courses offered at CHRHS are Algebra 1 (CP & Honors), Geometry (CP & Honors), Algebra 2 (CP & Honors), Precalculus (Honors & Pre-AP), Trigonometry and Advanced Math Topics, Calculus (Honors & AP), and Statistics & Probability 1 & 2. A description of all courses taught can be found in the course guide.


For those students who need support in mathematics we offer a math directed study hall during each period of the day.  This is a period where a student may walk-in to ask a math teacher a question from any class they are taking, or they may be assigned to the math directed study hall for more consistent help and support.  During the first semester of math directed study hall the department also offers credit recovery for those students who have failed a math course the previous year. These students must have received a 60 or above in their previous math course to be eligible for credit recovery, and will be placed by their guidance counselor. 




The mathematics department at CHRHS strives to give each student a mathematical education that allows them to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.  The goal is to reach each student at their level and support them to meet high expectations in rigorous courses. While teaching students challenging concepts that are detailed by the Common Core State Standards the department is preparing them for success on the SAT test their junior year.  In the race to master the vast curriculum the department also incorporates the 8 Standards for Mathematical Practices from the Common Core so that students can not only be successful on the SAT but in life beyond high school. The Mathematical Practices are as follows:

1.     Makes sense of problems and persevere in problem solving.


2.     Reason abstractly and quantitatively.


3.     Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.


4.     Model with mathematics


5.     Use appropriate tools strategically.


6.     Attend to precision.


7.     Look for and make use of structure.


8.     Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.




Departmental outcomes


Starting with the class of 2021, students must take 3 years of math courses and 1 year with a math experience which may include work at Midcoast School of Technology, or some other alternative path approved by the department head and the counseling office.    The class of 2020 needs 4 years of math courses in order to graduate. At CHRHS we are dedicated to ensuring students have multiple opportunities to be proficient at all essential outcomes that fall under the 5 standards for mathematics from the Common Core: Number and Quantity, Functions, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Probability.