Sports Updates

Update: 12/3/2021

As we navigate the best way to handle spectators at sporting events (and the differences that need to happen because of the different sizes of the venues, etc., etc.) - here is what we are going to do for Saturday's pre-season ice hockey game at MRC:
No visiting spectators (I have informed the Lake Region Co-op team of this).
Each player and coach from our team is allowed to have 4 people sign in under their name.
All spectators will need to be on the bleachers - no one allowed up on the glass and at this point, no one is allowed up on the balcony. All spectators must be masked.
We are working on live-streaming and will post more when I have that link.
We will possibly re-evaluate before our first regular season game.
Thanks for your cooperation with this.
Mr. Hart

Go Windjammers!